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Our Mission

Seniors Across America is a non-partisan, non-profit advocacy organization committed to bettering the quality of life for the more than 54 million Americans 65 years and older. On a range of issues from our health to the affordability of our homes, our insurance, and our utilities, Seniors Across America will always speak up for you!

A Message From SAA President John Grant:

Dear Fellow Senior,

A great philosopher once commented that life is lived best a chapter at a time. How true that is, especially for seniors. A new chapter in life waiting to be written. New questions to be asked, embraced, and loved.


Our senior years can be among the greatest chapters in our lives.


As a senior myself, I can identify with that as I relive the past, enjoy the day and dream about tomorrow.


The past is in the past and a new story is to be written.


At Seniors across America, we are committed to making your senior chapter the best it could possibly be. We are committed to favorably impacting laws and government activities to best protect seniors and make sure they are not forgotten.


We are committed to steering our members to new opportunities that both protect seniors and give them the most fulfilling and enjoyable lives.


Whatever you may be in your senior chapter of living, we want to make your life safe and economically fulfilling in all areas of your life.


At SAA we are a non-partisan seniors advocacy group dedicated to protecting your access to safe and economically affordable healthcare and providing a safe and healthy habitat for those who can no longer live on their own. We want to protect you from special Interests looking to take advantage of you, so you can live comfortably and enjoy your senior years.


We are here to help you and encourage you to join our ranks. Please contact us whenever you need help or are looking for opportunities to advocate for seniors.


Seniorly yours,


John Grant

This organization does not make political contributions, nor does it receive political contributions.

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