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  • John Grant


Hearing in America is a major medical problem, especially among seniors. More than half over 65 have hearing loss. Some 28 million people in America need hearing devices, and

unfortunately, even though hearing loss is a physical event, very few people have insurance coverage to cover receiving hearing devices, which cost in the thousands.

Most private insurance doesn’t cover them. With a price tag ranging from $1,000 to $4,000 each, hearing aids have become a luxury few can easily afford. The reasons for the lack of coverage vary according to who you ask. Insurance companies view hearing aids as elective. But for those who have hearing loss, hearing aids are a lifeline. Without them, quality of life drops dramatically; people with hearing loss become isolated and have trouble engaging in life. Hearing loss affects everything from family relationships and employment to mental and physical health. Without hearing aids, personal safety can even be comprised for people with hearing loss.

Seniors Across America believes that no senior should be deprived of hearing aids and hearing treatment and lobbies for comprehensive hearing aid availability for all seniors. It is not an elective need. It is a mandatory one.


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