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  • Ben Becker, Action News Jax

Investigates: Local homeowner's sunny outlook on solar panel company turns cloudy

JACKSONVILLE, Fla — Action News Jax Investigates a solar panel company that local homeowner Jacqui Rivera hired to do more than save money, but her sunny outlook turned cloudy. “I’m trying to do everything I can to save the earth,” she said.

Being a retired, 100% disabled Navy veteran, Rivera also wanted to save money. So, when a salesperson knocked on her door one day, she said yes. The company was MC Solar out of Tampa.

Rivera said she was convinced to pay $54,000 to install solar panels and batteries. She said she was told it would reduce her bills to zero in the long run. But the numbers do not add up. Turns out she was in the dark because she missed something.

The contact shows the $54,000 solar panels are only supposed to result in saving $34,298.67 over 30 years, meaning a net loss for Rivera of $19,701.33. And based on her income as a disabled vet, she does not qualify for tax rebates or credits to make up the difference.

She tried calling the company but could not reach a person to speak with, “Nothing. ‘Someone will be right with you.’ I took a shower, brushed my teeth, everything, still on hold. No one came to the phone.” Wally Conway is a solar expert with HomePro Inspections. He said, “It’s [solar] kind of sexy, kind of cool, lots of incentives but typically doesn’t save any money.”

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