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Scammers show up at woman's home to take her to the bank

LAKE COUNTY, Fla. — Brenda Crowe’s mom had not been home alone long when she had to make a frantic 911 call to keep someone from taking her, telling her mom during that call, “It’s a fraud, he would have taken you mom. He would have taken you and we wouldn’t even have known where you were.”

Earlier this month, Christine Rutherford was surfing around on her iPad, looking for a recipe on how to make vinegar water. There was nothing unusual about what she was doing, but the message she got on her device was.

She told WFTV, “What happened was the phone rang and I looked at it and it said it was Georgia. He said that my iPad had been locked up. He said he had to call Apple to get permission to get it unlocked.”

Channel 9 asked, “Did he want your bank account information?” She said, “Well, as we talked on, he said, oh yeah, he said that I had been hacked, and he said someone okayed them to take $10,000 out of my account.”

She said the phone call went on for about two hours stating the man on the other line told her money was for online gambling on the dark web and when it didn’t seem like it was working, the scammers took it a step further.

“And then he said, no, I need to go down there and take my money out of the bank. I said, I don’t drive, and I can’t go to the bank. Well, he said he could call Uber and looked out the window there and I saw that car sitting out there.”

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