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The average retired American faces these new Medicare changes in 2025

There are many concerns Americans regularly confront about their retirement years.

The cost of living, fluctuations in the stock market that unpredictably affect investments, debt and unexpected expenses are among them.

Social Security payments people can expect to receive are also an important piece of the retirement income puzzle.

One factor that is not unexpected, but has layers of complexity, is health care costs.

And that frequently involves how people understand their Medicare benefits. Important specifics that are vital to know about those are changing in 2025.

In fact, next year, the federal health insurance program will implement a policy that affects the maximum amount its beneficiaries will pay in out-of-pocket expenses.

Three ways Medicare will change for people in retirement next year

TheStreet's Retirement Daily explains the three major things to understand about Medicare changes announced by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) that begin in 2025.

The first involves clamping down on how the policies are sold to Medicare beneficiaries.

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